3 Things to Consider when Buying a Used Forklift


Buying a used forklift can save you a lot of money, but not if it constantly needs repairs and fixes to problems that you didn’t know existed before you bought it, and only if it can get the jobs done that you need it to get done!  The following 3 points should help you through the process of buying a used forklift that suits your needs.

1. Do a Basic Walk-around. 

When buying a used forklift, you should check for any damage, especially to the moving parts and the battery.  Are there significant nicks in the tires?  Is there substantial corrosion on the battery?

Any other questions you have for about the used forklift should be answered by whoever is selling it.  If the salesman hesitates to answer, of doesn’t seem to be answering honestly, do not hesitate to walk away!

2. Ask about Inspection.

Has the forklift been thoroughly inspected by a professional, and determined to be in great shape?  If not, ask the dealer what repairs this forklift will need to be running like new, and how much they will cost.  If the forklift has been inspected, has it been fully tested?

Again, if your salesman cannot answer these questions, tell him to call you back when he can, or move on. There is no reason to risk buying a used forklift that will break down as soon as it gets onto your warehouse floor.

3. Can the Used Forklift do the Job that You Need it to?

How heavy are the products your used forklift will typically need to lift?  What is the heaviest?  How high will your used forklift need to lift these products?  On what surface will your forklift be operating (smooth warehouse floor, or rough outdoor lot)?

These questions will all need to be answered before you go shopping for your used forklift.  Not every forklift can lift the same weight or lift to the same height.  The last thing you want to do is waste money on a forklift you can’t use, or, worse, endanger yourself and others pushing a forklift beyond its limits.

These 3 considerations can help you find a great deal on a used forklift that runs like new, and help you avoid wasting your money on such an important purchase.

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