4 Forklift Safety Tips to Keep your Workplace Accident Free

Forklifts provide the fantastic benefits of speed and efficiency, but, as with any heavy machinery, they can be very dangerous when used incorrectly.  With that in mind, here is a list of basic forklift safety tips that will help keep your workplace accident free!

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1. Keep the Area Tidy

It is always a great idea to make sure that your work area is clean, tidy, and organized. This is doubly true when you add a forklift into the equation! Keep all obstacles clear from the ground.  Ideally, there will be no potholes or large, deep cracks, but if there are any, be sure they are clearly marked.  No one wants the forklift to tip, putting the driver and others in the area at risk!

2. Make sure you can see!

While making sure that your work area is clear of obstacles and potholes, the forklift operator cannot blindly trust that the area will be safe.  Always be sure that you have complete visibility while operating your forklift. Ensure you have blue lights, backup lights, and alarms attached as well.

3. Be Careful with Your Speed!

Forklift speed is a key player in safety, especially when going around corners.  Forklifts provide plenty of speed and efficiency without going full throttle.  Faster speeds create a higher risk of tipping if you are forced to stop or slow suddenly, or if you encounter an obstacle in your path.

4. Be Sure everyone knows what’s happening

Safety is everyone’s business. Pedestrians and drivers should follow strict safety instructions at all times.  This is included, but not limited to, having specific forklift ‘lanes’ in your warehouse or yard, being sure that everyone can hear and recognize the alarm signals of the forklift, and putting up safety signs that read ‘Forklifts in Use.’

If you maintain these basic safety instructions, you can ensure that your forklift will provide your business with the efficiency you need while minimizing and eliminating any risk of injury.

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