How Back Up Strobe Lights Save Lives

Imagine a perfect summer night – we all know the kind. It’s been hot all day but the sun has finally set, allowing you the opportunity to sit out on your porch and enjoy the cool breeze. If you have ever sat out on your porch while the porch light is on, you’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: bugs running into and dying inside your porch light. Bugs are attracted to light. Although we are definitely more intelligent than these tiny creatures, it turns out, in that respect, humans aren’t much different than bugs. Light attracts our attention and this is why back up strobe lights are so influential in saving lives.

Back up strobe lights are warning lights, usually placed atop a large vehicle to warn individuals that said vehicle is backing up. These lights are brightly colored and usually flash or spin to create attention. They might often be described as “annoying”. But these minor nuisances are important safety items. As much as we would like to admit we are, we aren’t always giving our full attention to everything around us. Simply put, we can’t. Our brains cannot multitask well enough to do so. We would be overloaded with sensory input if we could. To accommodate for this, our brains block out information that is not necessary; for example, the non-moving truck in your peripheral vision. Blocking out this information might be okay… until the truck starts moving!

Our brain doesn’t always register new information, so this is where back up strobe lights come in. The same way lights and sirens on ambulances warn drivers to pull over strobe lights on trucks warn drivers that a truck is backing up. They flash, they’re annoying, but most of all, they grab our attention. They warn us of the trucks presence and allow us to get out of the way. Most trucks that equip these lights are usually large or are carrying heavy loads that block some of their view. This is why other people in the area need to be aware of their location so that they can do what they need to, to avoid collision. This is done through implementing the bright, attention-getting lights. These lights make individuals aware of these large vehicles and consequently prevent accidents and save lives.

Strobe lightThe biggest concern when on the road is safety. We have seatbelts, air bags, four wheel drive, and anti-lock brakes all meant to keep us and our cars as safe as possible. For large, industrial vehicles back up strobe lights are easy and simple additional tools for protecting themselves, other cars, and pedestrians. These lights are sometimes known under the blanket term “warning systems” because they are just that. Strobe lights are a warning system to alert individuals of the presence of a commercial truck or oversized load. This is essential in making sure people take the proper safety precautions around these vehicles. Being aware and cautious around large vehicles can be the difference between going about your day and having a catastrophic accident.

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