Buying a Forklift Online – Not all Dealers are the Same

Buying a forklift online is nothing new. And there are lots of rogue dealers selling trucks via internet auction websites. But let the buyer beware. Buying a second-hand forklift, especially without a thorough report of inspection, can result in having a forklift that cannot be used. This is why it’s important to turn to a reputable dealer like Forklift America when it comes time to buying a forklift online. Here are some important items to consider before purchasing your next forklift online.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen John Kemper from St. Louis found a forklift truck being sold fully serviced, repaired and re-sprayed at a bargain price, he quickly visited the dealer to check things out in person. While he was there he found another forklift that was less expensive. The dealer assured him the quality would be the same and so he felt confident enough to leave a cash deposit for half the asking price. Unfortunately, when the forklift was delivered he found his measurements were off and the mast was too high to work within parts of his premises. So the truck was sent back to be fitted for a replacement mast. Once the replacement was made the truck was returned. Problem was the new mast leaked. It hadn’t been painted like the original mast nor had it received a pressure wash. Not only that, the truck struggled to start from the cold because it hadn’t received routine service.
Horror stories like these are just that – horrible. Asking the right questions can save you time, money and grief. Kemper could have avoided this situation by asking the forklift’s age. This isn’t always obvious and many people are shocked by the number of companies who routinely omit the age of a forklift. So if the age of a forklift isn’t provided, make sure you to ask. If you don’t, you may never find out.

You’ll also want to ask about the forklift’s service/maintenance history. Especially any work that was done to ready the forklift for sale. Find out who performed those repairs too.

Experienced forklift truck engineers should undertake certain mechanical checks in order for you to be confident in the reliability of the forklift you intend to buy. Be sure to get a commitment in writing that details the work that’s been done so you’re sure what you’re buying.

Find out the exact terms of the forklift’s warranty too. Many rogue dealers have minimal warranty terms. It’s essential to know exactly what the warranty includes and how long. Forklifts from Forklift America come with a 3 month warranty minimum.

If you’re buying an electric forklift, it’s imperative that you know the state of the battery. Buy a forklift with an older or nearly worn out battery, and your company could be out thousands having to put a new battery in it.

One of the best ways to avoid making the same mistake as Kemper is to have an application survey conducted at your premises. This way you’ll be absolutely sure the forklift is suited to you. Forklift America will conduct an application survey at your place of work to ensure the forklift is suited to your needs and application. And you won’t have to prompt us to do so.

Finally, Forklift America can provide you with a collection of satisfied customers who have made repeat purchases so you can be confident of the experience you’ll have buying your next forklift.

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