Common Forklift Attachments

There are hundreds of forklift attachment designs and configurations on the market today.  While choosing the right one can increase productivity of your logistics handling dramatically, such a process is daunting which makes understanding the most common forklift attachments and their benefits of utmost importance.  The most common attachments are presented here.

Sideshifters (SS)

Most forklifts come standard with this attachment, allowing operators to shift the forklift side to side, making small adjustments in order to align the truck with pallets without maneuvering the entire forklift.  Accurate fork positioning without having to maneuver the truck reduces fuel and truck wear, allows for faster loading and unloading pallet times and reduces pallet damage.

Fork Positioners (FPOS)

Through hydraulics, fork positioners allow forklift tynes to be moved closer or further away from each other.  Fork positioners permit the operator to align forks with odd size objects and different size pallets with increased accuracy and at a faster pace, improving load handling times while reducing fuel consumption, truck wear and pallet damage.

Paper Roll Clamps (PRC)

Paper roll clamps are ideal for handling various sized paper rolls used by the newspaper printing, paper manufacturing, tissue manufacturing and paper product industries.  Available with automatic pressure controls, paper roll clamps can allocate the correct pressure to avoid damaging or crushing paper rolls.  A variety of gripping pads are also available for different types of paper.  Paper roll clamps were specifically designed for the paper industry and provide increased handling times, with paper handling 360° rotation.

Push/Pull or Slip Sheeter (PPULL)

Used for handling loads with slip sheets rather than pallets, Push/Pull attachments push to unload and pull to load.  Ideal for handling bagged cement, bagged seed and grain, packaged food, fruit and corrugated boxes and dairy products, inexpensive slip sheets reduce maintenance costs and damaged stock caused by older pallets while using a smaller storage area.  Save or Standard variations of this attachment are available, with Save allowing the slip sheet to be removed and reused.  Push/Pull attachment installation and removal is fast, with no need to remove forks and provides easy handling of goods with slip sheets.  Slip sheets reduce packaging weight and provide more storage space which lowers shipping costs.  Slip sheets are inexpensive and can be reused, making pallet exchange unnecessary.

Carton Clamp

Most commonly used by the appliance, electronic and beverage industries; carton clamps are designed to handle large rectangular or square shaped objects that don’t require a pallet.  Carton clamps can also handle fragile goods by using an automatic pressure sensing system.  Purchase and repair costs associated with pallets are eliminated since pallets are removed when handling rectangular and square objects.  The elimination of pallets reduces weight, shipping costs and handling times while increasing storage space.

Single-Double Pallet Handler

Generally used by the bottling, brewing and soft drink industries, single-double pallet handlers can support one or two pallets side by side by hydraulically spreading the four forks.  Such a configuration doubles handling capacity of pallets, reduces loading and unloading times, the number of required truck maneuvers to load and unload, truck wear and fuel.

Understanding the most common forklift attachments and their benefits can dramatically increase productivity in your warehouse or outdoors.  Forklift America offers a wide variety of forklift attachments.  Talk with one of our experts today about the attachment most appropriate for your application.

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