Dumping Hopper Attachments for Forklifts

When it comes to removing large amounts of debris more warehouses and large mills across the country are turning to dumping hopper attachments for forklifts.  Dumping hoppers are designed to pick up and dump waste with a regular forklift by using a special fulcrum lever to tip the hopper forward, enabling the forklift operator to dump the large hopper himself without dropping the hopper off the forks.  Dumping hoppers are available in several different configurations that all work the same way.  Here are some of the benefits of using Forklift America’s dumping hoppers and some tips for using them.

Forklift America’s dumping hoppers are designed to fit standard mast and extendable reach forklifts.  These construction grade dumping hoppers withstand continual wear and tear at heavy-duty construction sites because they are made with all welded steel plates.  Removing broken up particle board, brick, concrete, plaster and other debris is easy, saving your cleanup crews time when it comes to moving trash from the work site to the dumpster.  Attaching dumping hoppers takes a matter of minutes and reduces workers risk of injury because manually hauling debris to the dumpster is eliminated.

Forklift America’s dumping hoppers are engineered to dump when the safety latch is tripped and to return to an upright locked position when empty.  Dumping hoppers come with safety retaining chains and a trip rope assembly which prevents the hopper from accidentally dumping its contents over rugged terrain.  The trip rope assembly allows the operator to discharge the unit’s contents when it is elevated as well as a worker on the ground to empty the unit if necessary.   The dumping hopper’s safety chain binds the hopper to the forklift to keep it from sliding off the forks while also maintaining balance and smooth operability.

When it comes to using a dumping hopper certain precautions should be taken.  First, locate the two metal sleeves underneath the back of the hopper where the forks will slide into.  Next, drive the forklift forward and match the forks with the dumping hopper’s sleeves.  You’ll want to drive the forklift forward until the forks slide all the way in the sleeves and stop.  Once the forks are in place, lift the dumping hopper 6 inches off the ground by pulling the lever on the right side back.  Proceed cautiously to the garbage bin or area where you’ll dump the hopper’s contents.

Once you’ve emptied the contents turn off the forklift and lock the emergency brake.  Climb out of the forklift to the front of the hopper and locate the lever.  You may need to use a stick to pry the lever out until it clicks.  Return to the forklift and start it up again.  Use the forklift’s levers to tilt the hopper forward so that it tips and dumps the load.  As the load is spilling into the garbage bin, raise the hopper 12 inches so that the entire load can be emptied.

When you’re sure the load has emptied, put the forklift in reverse and back away to flat ground.  On flat ground you’re in a safer position to lower the hopper to the ground where it will tilt back and lock itself into place.  Next, return the dumping hopper to its original location.

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  1. I am looking for trash hopper boxes that are designed for Extendable Reach forklifts. I would like a quote for 5 units. The units will need to be at least 8′ wide, the other measurements or details are flexible.

    Thanks Kevin 732-354-2112

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