Evaluating Used Forklifts

For the average business owner buying a used forklift can be overwhelming. That’s why a firm understanding of your company’s needs plus some knowledge about forklifts can go a long way to narrowing down the search for the used forklift that’s best for you. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Nearly all forklifts have an hour meter to keep track of daily usage. This helps the end user and servicing dealer with the truck’s maintenance schedule. While some hour meters have 5 digits many have only 4 digits. A 4 digit hour meter reads 0000 to start and after 2000 hours of operation will read 1,999. When 10,000 hours of operation have passed the digital hour meter will read 0000. It’s a good idea to inquire about the hours on a digital hour meter to ensure that the 1,999 you see refers to 2,000 hours or 11,999 hours of operation. And some hour meters record more than just hours of operation. Some hour meters record elements of the forklift truck’s usage like drive hours or hydraulic pump hours. Understanding what each hour meter reads is critical. This is why it pays to work with a reputable dealer because they will have obtained the truck’s history, the correct hours and what these hours represent before selling the forklift to you.

It’s also a good idea to verify the year of manufacture before committing to the purchase of a used forklift. Most dealers provide the year of manufacture on the invoice but you can also have the manufacturer verify the year if you have the forklifts model number and serial numbers.

Another item to verify with the forklift dealership is any attachments or accessories that have been added or removed. You’ll want to make sure that any attachments or accessories that have been added or removed are consistent with the capacity data plate so that you don’t put your operators at risk for an accident because they were under the false impression of what the forklift could safely handle. The capacity data plate needs to be accurate for both safety and liability reasons.

Forklift chassis’ have not been modified on any of the used forklifts carried by Forklift America. We stand behind our used forklifts and so does the manufacturer. This ensures that there aren’t any additional counterweights added which could weaken the forklift’s structural components, causing them to fail prematurely. Our forklift consultants are happy to show you any used forklift’s chassis.

Forklift America’s experienced forklift consultants have extensive forklift knowledge and can help you investigate important elements when buying a used forklift so that your risk will be minimal. In fact, Forklift America keeps documentation with every used forklift truck’s history and most of our used forklifts come from lighter stockroom applications, with thorough mechanical assessments and safety inspections conducted long before they become available for purchase.

Experienced forklift consultants and a reputable forklift dealership make all the difference when it comes to purchasing the used forklift that meets your business needs. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions and Forklift America’s forklift consultants are here to help, asking a few questions of their own to direct you to the most appropriate used forklift trucks in stock.

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