Forklift Attachment Safety

A forklift is an incredibly useful machine, but it can be even more!  There are a number of attachments that can connect to your forklift, which can help your business or project in a number of ways including, but not limited to: reducing hours on the job, reducing necessary man power, lowering fuel costs, and decreasing the risk of damaged stock.

We’ve discussed forklift safety a number of times on this blog, and it is something that we care deeply about.  In this post, we’d like to discuss the added safety precautions one should take when operating a forklift using attachments.  Keep an eye out for the next blog, which will go over some common forklift attachments and how they can help your business.

How it changes your lift

First of all, when you attach something to your forklift, it changes the way your machine runs.  The load capacity can be significantly reduced.  This is largely because the center of gravity is changed when the attachment is affixed. An attachment makes the forklift less stable.  It’d a good idea to think of it as partially loaded, even if you haven’t yet picked up the load.

Other things to consider

  • Check the data plate on the forklift before affixing and attachment to be sure that it allows for this particular attachment.
  • Be sure that the attachment is right for the truck you are fitting it to
  • Forklift Attachments are for very specific jobs. NEVER use an attachment for something other than its intended purpose.
  • Ensuring that the attachment is properly connected with the correct locking device

Forklift attachments are incredible additions to an already diverse machine. Using the attachments safely is extremely important. As stated, always verify the compatibility and educate yourself on the usage of the attachment. With the proper knowledge, your forklift can lift pallets, pick up carpet, plow snow and more! When you need to talk to an expert, we’re here to help!

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