Forklift Attachments and Accessories – Part 1

When is a forklift not a forklift? The answer? When it’s something else.
Forklifts are well known warehouse workhorses. They lift and load, move freight, in general save human workers from a lot of lifting. However, with a few simple attachments or accessories, a forklift can be transformed into half a dozen or more other machines.

pin-style-forklift-lift-fork-extensions-1_6Rather than purchasing six or more specialty machines that are highly expensive and only used a few times a month or year or outsourcing the work to another company which is just an additional expense, consider buying an attachment for the forklift a warehouse already owns.

Forklift attachments and accessories are cheaper than buying another vehicle. Attachments are also tax deductible assets for which depreciation can be claimed on an annual basis for a predetermined number of years. Contracting someone else to do the work can only be counted as an expense at tax time. Outsourcing jobs is a single deduction whereas the purchase of attachments will net a double deduction and is a more cost effective solution in the long run.

Attachments make it possible for a forklift to change its function. A good example of this is the conversion of a forklift into a snowplow. Rather than hiring a snowplow and waiting for it to arrive, plow your own parking lots and roadways with a forklift. Switching out the forklift forks for a plow blade takes less time than it does waiting for the hired help to arrive. You can also start plowing as soon as the snow starts falling so that it doesn’t get out of hand.
Another useful accessory is a boom crane attachment. This allows a forklift to hoist items in a safe way. While many people attempt this by rigging a chain to the forks and raising or lowering them, a boom crane attachment is much safer. Chains slip and break. Using the right equipment for the job makes for a safer workspace. One accident will cost a company far more dollars than the price of a crane attachment not to mention the emotional stress involved should an employee be seriously injured or die because of improperly using a forklift.

Investing in a carpet carrier attachment cuts work time in half at a carpet warehouse. It also prevents unnecessary damage to the products when rolls of expensive carpet are transported on or across the forks of a forklift. Again, using the proper tool for the job benefits everyone.

Trash removal can also be addressed in at least two ways with forklift attachments. The first is a portable dumpster which attaches to the front of the forklift. This attachment is good for smaller loads too large for a trash can and too small for a roll-off dumpster. A portable dumpster attachment allows debris from multiple work locations within a warehouse or job site to be hauled to a single, much larger, roll-off container in a centrally located site thereby eliminating the need to rent a roll-off container for each of the satellite sites.

The second attachment that can be used for trash removal is a drum lifter providing that trash or construction debris is placed into barrels. Drum lifters are typically used for loading and unloading of liquid freight such as oil, chemicals, or water that is packaged in 55 gallon drums. As drums continue to gain popularity as shipping containers, drum lifters will become a more important and necessary piece of equipment.

Forklift attachments provide a cost efficient solution to your warehouse needs. Easy add-ons can transform a simple forklift into a warehouse must-have with a multitude of uses.

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