Forklift Storage in the Winter Months


As we’ve covered before, there is no reason you cannot use your forklift during the winter weather.  But undoubtedly, some will find business dwindles or nearly stops for the winter, or at least the kind of work that would require heavy machinery like forklifts.  Surely you’re wondering how to safely store your forklift for months at a time, so that when it comes time to use it again, it will run perfectly.  Here are just a few tips to keep that forklift in tip-top shape, even when it is sitting in storage.

  1. Thorough Cleaning

You don’t want to leave mud, ice, leaves, or any other kind of debris clogging your forklift and drying into place for three months, just so next time you start the machine it has to grind through all of that hardened muck.  You should keep your forklift clean after use regardless, but especially if you plan on storing it for months at a time.

  1. Cool, Dry, and Safe Storage

You’ll want to store your forklift somewhere that nothing can happen to it.  This means locked up in a space that is clean and free of excessive moisture.  This may seem obvious, but you certainly don’t just want to leave it sitting out in the yard for months!

  1. Battery Cleaning

As you know, batteries need to be kept clean at all times, but should be removed and thoroughly cleaned about twice a year.  While your forklift is in storage, you have an excellent opportunity to rinse your battery to remove any acid residue.

  1. Maintenance

If you’ve been working your forklift hard for the past six months, perhaps now is a great time to call in for a ‘check-up.’  Make sure everything is running smoothly and perform any repairs that your forklift may need in order to ensure that, come spring, you won’t need to make any repairs before you can get to work.

  1. Run it Regularly

As with most any heavy machinery, you should set aside time to remove your forklift from storage, turn it on and go through the motions of its use to keep it from locking up.

There you have it!  Five very simple tips to keep that forklift safe while it is in storage for the winter months.

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