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What is a bargain forklift? A bargain forklift is good running and fully functional. A bargain forklift may simply be listed here because of a minor flaw or the occasional drop of oil on the ground.  A bargain forklift could be listed here because of higher hours or be a little bit older. We are happy to talk to you about these units, and will tell you everything we know about their condition, and the reason they are a bargain. As with all of our forklifts, we perform a complete safety check, and the forklift will come fully serviced ready to work. Discounted, bargain and closeout forklifts and lift trucks are available at our Saint Louis, MO warehouse.

BARGAIN - 12,000 LB Hyster S120XM Cushion Forklift (St. Louis)

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This is a good running unit. All safety features work properly. It has a few minor leaks. It includes a sideshifter for convenience and has a 4th valve if you want to add an additional accessory. Learn More

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BARGAIN - 8,000 LB Clark C500-YS80 Pneumatic Forklift

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We received this truck in trade a while back with intentions of refurbishing it. We never got around to it and so decided to pass on the bargain. Come check it out. It has been partially inspected. There are hydraulic leaks from multiple cylinders and the brakes are non-functional. This truck is being sold AS-IS. Learn More

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