• Alternating Step Cross-Over Ladder 4 Step-0

    Alternating Step Cross-Over Ladder 4 Step

    Mount this Alternating Step Cross-Over Ladder where you need permanent access at crossover points. Alternating step design for shorter overall span than other units. The upper platform features removable two sided high handrail with mid-rail and fixed toeboards to prevent objects from rolling off. Includes lag-down points for securing to floor.

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  • Steel Rolling Warehouse Ladder 8 Step Grip Strut- EZ Climb-0

    Steel Rolling Warehouse Ladder 8 Step Grip Strut- EZ Climb

    Finally an easy and safe solution for reaching products on high shelves. This Rolling Warehouse Ladder includes an exclusive lockable safety gate that keeps children and unauthorized personnel off the ladder. Pushing the gate forward will raise the casters off the floor and allow for safe access to the ladder. Pulling the gate backwards will lower the casters to the floor, prohibit access to the ladder and allow the ladder to be moved. The ladder has perforated style steps. Side frame is constructed from heavy-duty formed steel and offers maximum strength. Unique design allows ladder to separate for shipping and storage.

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