Keeping Your Warehouse Cool

It’s no secret, warehouses can get hot! With a hot outside air temperature, and forklifts moving around inside making it even hotter, how can you keep up and try to effectively cool the building? Unless you strictly use electric batteries to power your forklifts and other machines in your warehouse, and have done so for a while, keeping your warehouse sealed up is out of the question(you wouldn’t want to risk carbon monoxide poisoning).

hv2Worker productivity raises by a considerable amount when they are in a comfortably cool atmosphere, and accidents are less likely to happen due to worker attention and morale levels. So what can you do to keep it cool and achieve these great rewards from doing so?
First things first, think about picking up some fans. I’m not talking about a little fan from the gas station with a water spritzer attached, I’m talking about some HVLS fans. HVLS stands for “High Volume Low Speed”. These are some giant fans. Grab some of these and mount them on your ceiling, they cost about a nickel per hour to have on, and each one will cool down an area of 2,000 sq. ft. by eight degrees. Employees LOVE them. The way they work is by spinning at a low speed, so that they can push large quantities of air.

Another thing you can do is invest in some door strips. Door strips are large heavy duty strips of plastic that section off different areas of the workplace. Put these at every dock door you have to keep open, and they will stop the cool inside air from escaping. Plus, they are so easy to move through that there really isn’t that much of a difference between moving through these or open doors.

One last thing you can do, and this is something you should be doing already, is making sure your employees drink a lot of water! A lot. At least a bottle an hour. When heat soars, the best way to combat its effects on the body is by staying hydrated. When the human body stays properly hydrated, it is much harder for it to get heated up by an outside source. And this goes for everyone, your forklift operators, you warehouse supervisors, and even your stock boys. Additionally, as long as they are drinking plenty of water, they won’t get dehydrated and cause an accident. And that’s always a plus.

So, remember these tips next time you are wondering what an economically efficient way to keep your warehouse cool. Good luck, and stay cool.

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