Maintaining your Forklift’s Battery




Your forklift’s battery is one of the most important parts of the machine, and you certainly want to keep it in excellent shape to prolong its life as long as possible.  The following are some tips on cleaning and maintaining your battery safely.

Before you begin

It is easy to get comfortable around heavy machinery like forklifts when you work with them every day, but it important to remember to remain safe.  When working on your forklift’s battery, you should always wear protective clothing.  This means eye goggles, polystyrene clothes, and protective gloves are a must.


Remember: acid eats through cotton!


Basic Battery Maintenance

–          Make sure you always remove the battery from the forklift when recharging in order to reduce heat.

–          Rinse your batteries about twice a year (possibly more, if needed) to remove any acid residue from the battery.


Everyday Use

–          Ensure that your battery is always clean and clear of trash.

–          Check for any exposed fittings or wires.

–          Charge the battery daily, but do not charge multiple times a day.



–          Keep metal objects off of the top of the battery.

–          Do not allow the battery to completely die.  It can take days to fully recharge and causes damage to the battery.


Emergency Procedure

–          If battery overspills, IMMEDIATELY wash with water and baking soda.  The acid will quickly begin to corrode your battery if not attended to.

–          Always dilute any spilled acid with enough water to ensure that it is environmentally safe.


Remember, these are basic tips that are applicable to most machines.  Always consult your forklift’s user manual for more specific instruction.

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