Preparing Your Forklift Fleet for Winter

As the St. Louis Metropolitan’s leading forklift truck supplier and service provider, Forklift America advises forklift owners and operators to prepare for snow, ice and freezing conditions in September and October to ensure your forklift fleet runs reliably, safely and smoothly this winter. Here are some suggestions for being prepared.

Ensuring all forklifts are specified correctly is not something you should do when a snowstorm hits. Be sure to talk with Forklift America as soon as possible to make sure your fleet has the right forklift tires for outdoor operation.

Preparing Your Forklift Fleet for WinterIncreased component failures and breakdowns are a common occurrence in cold, wet weather which is why you’ll want to have your forklifts serviced regularly with Forklift America to ensure this doesn’t happen. Batteries, electrical systems and hydraulics also need protection from the cold weather. To ensure your forklifts’ engines run efficiently and smoothly, turn to Forklift America for oils, lubricants and service.

An essential part of being prepared for winter is operator training. Be sure your forklift operators are more cautious with their speed when ice or rain creates slippery surfaces either outside or on loading docks and bays. Supervision where necessary and to ensure forklift operators are conducting their daily tasks can dramatically reduce a number of safety risks.

When rain becomes more frequent during the fall and winter months outdoor loading areas become muddy or dirty environments. This is when cleaning equipment regularly is important as it will prevent parts from becoming blocked or clogged.

The condition of forklift tires in winter is crucial. Planned site visits by Forklift America to check your forklift fleets’ tread levels and tire conditions will ensure traction and stability in icy, wet conditions. To maintain the best traction requires gritting yard areas in freezing conditions and snow.

Daylight decreases in September and October with the Midwest getting dark around five o’clock when time daylight savings time ends. This means docks and loading bays and external areas need suitable lighting. This is why so many forklift operators turn to Forklift America for fitting lights and beacons on their trucks economically and efficiently.

Workers operating forklifts outside during the winter should be provided with winter clothing like gloves, body warmers and waterproof jackets. September and October are the ideal time to make upgrades to your machines before the cold weather arrives. Whether you need upgrades like a complete cab, screens, wipers, covers or heaters, Forklift America can fit these items based on your budget and requirements.

When forklifts break down, hundreds of companies in the St. Louis area turn to Forklift America for a reliable, effective and efficient response. With state-of-the-art technology, Forklift America provides service 24 hours a day in any weather conditions. With our vehicle tracking system we dispatch the nearest engineer based on skills and parts required.

Finally, the best time to check the security and stock level of your fuel supply is before a severe winter storm rolls into town. The last thing you want is to be at the mercy of a delayed or restricted fuel supply due to snow and ice. You’ll also want to be sure that snow plows, scoops, salt spreaders and sanders are in working condition and readily available on your site. All of this equipment can be found at Forklift America.

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