Nationwide Forklift Fleet Deals

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Keeping forklifts for too long can end up being costly due to extended or repetitive maintenance.  Make sure that your fleet is worth keeping.  Every forklift reaches a point where it’s cost per usable hour makes it not worth using.  Often, entire fleets come to this point at a similar time if purchased as a whole.  So, make sure your forklifts aren’t spending more time being repaired or ignored than working.

Something else to consider is, what was right for your company might not be right anymore.  You may have been using LP forklifts, but electric might suit your needs better now.

• Total fleet management

• Retire your old fleet

• Less down-time & more profitability

• Better fuel economy

• Corporate Deals

• Fully Customizable Fleet

• Spec’d to your needs

• All trades considered

• Anywhere in the USA

If you’d like a team to help work with you on your fleet, Forklift America is here to help! Reach out to us to discuss updates or maintenance on your equipment today!

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