Selecting the Right Forklift Battery

Today’s electric forklifts are more environmentally friendly, cost less to operate and are fast becoming equally as powerful as their internal combustion counterparts. In fact, electric forklifts can be as much as 75% less expensive to own and operate over their useful life than internal combustion forklifts. But selecting the wrong charger and battery combination quickly shortens battery life forcing companies to replace batteries more frequently. Simply take the number of batteries in a given facility and multiply it by a 50% reduction in battery life and it’s easy to see how expensive the hidden costs of choosing the wrong charger for forklift batteries can be. This is why a Forklift America consultant is instrumental when it comes to helping customers to select electric material handling equipment and chargers.

Opportunity charging, or short cycling a battery, using a standard charger and lack of water are the two major culprits that contribute to premature battery failure costing companies thousands of dollars in the long-run. Combine the two and battery cycles are reduced by as much as 50%. Investing in the right charger will reduce the number of batteries you need, improve overall productivity and increase battery life. Modern forklift chargers use pulsing charge technology, charging batteries more quickly and efficiently without generating excessive heat. Selecting the right battery, charter and combination of each to maximize results can only happen when you call a dealer with a proven history of service like Forklift America who can diagnose and repair your company’s forklifts, batteries and chargers all in one place. Forklift America’s trained personnel receive constant training and updates to keep them on the cutting edge of all our products so they can help you to make a better choice when it comes to selecting the best materials handling equipment.

A Forklift America consultant can help you through the selection process as they ask you to consider where chargers and battery changing stations are located throughout your facility, what combination of voltages (24, 36, 48, 80V) and corresponding chargers your company operates, the number of shifts you operate, hours of operation for each forklift per shift, how often you add water to your batteries and how long your batteries have to cool down after charging. Only when you determine how you plan to use your equipment and how often can you decide the types of batteries and chargers that will suffice and the quantity you need. This varies from company to company and making the wrong choice leads to hidden costs that start immediately and compound each month.

By working with Forklift America you can improve your fleet’s bottom line optimizing battery run-time, life-time and productivity. Forklift America can help you determine the many factors that have an impact on the overall efficiency of your battery operated forklifts. Forklift America has the best deals on quality used forklifts in St. Louis and ships forklifts all over America. Offering a range of services including sales, parts, rentals and financing, Forklift America inspects, tests and services all of its forklifts. With Forklift America customers can make one call for all of their forklift needs.

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