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Forklift Safety Training

Forklift safety training is an OSHA requirement. If your employees aren't trained at your facility, you are in jeopardy of huge fines (We've seen from $5000-20,000) or accidents/deaths.

The intention of our training is for companies to become compliant with OSHA standards.  We use the JJ Keller program for all classroom materials so that we can be sure to be compliant with the latest standards.  Classes are typically comprised of about one hour of monitored video with occasional commentary, a written test over the video (must pass with a 75% or higher score), and a driving evaluation (subjective).  We also review with them key areas of the forklift to look for possible issues.  The class members are also given a reference booklet.  The employer is provided with the completed tests as well as with a certificate and wallet cards for the employees.  This fulfills all of OSHA's requirements.  A typical class will take about 1-1/2 hours for one person and about an additional 15 minutes for each additional person.

Notes on OSHA Compliance:
• Since December 1, 1999 OSHA has required all employees who operate an industrial truck to maintain a safety certification program (even if you are the owner or the only employee).
• Safety certification consists of a written test and a driving evaluation on a similar piece of equipment and in a similar environment that will be used.
• They made no allowances for "grandfathering" in.  So if any of your employees are using industrial equipment, they need to be safety certified.
• Certifications are non-transferrable.  OSHA says that you need a new certification for each work environment.  So even if a person was certified at their last job or were certified at another current joy, they will still need to be trained for your location.
• Certifications are good for 3 years.
• Fines for non-compliance can go over $10,000 per violation

Our current pricing is:
$100/person   for 5 people or less.
$80/person     for over 6 and up.
$20/person     for training on additional vehicles (ones that are of a different class)
$100/hr            if drive time over an hour from our location (first hour free).

We prefer to keep the classes close to or under 10-12 people.  
A separate class is necessary for each type (class) of vehicle (sit-down forklift, electric pallet jacks, stand-ups) and will require a separate charge (as noted above).  We bring a projector and DVD player to the location, so no video equipment is necessary.  All materials are also provided, so all that is required is an area to do the class.

We provide safety training for companies within a 2 hour radius of the St. Louis area.

Alternatively, you can purchase the training course below.  Please note that it is important to follow all directions in the kit in order to be fully compliant.

Contact us to set up training

The Forklift Workshop - Safety Training & Certification Program

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A NEW approach to forklift training - focuses on forklift operator safety.


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