10 Reasons to call Forklift America for Service:


1) Discounted rental provided while we work on your forklift.

2) We bring your forklift to our shop.  No mess, no down time.

3) Complete Safety Inspection (We check the horn, back-up alarm, strobe light, seat belt, parking brake, gauges, chains, overhead guard, back-rest, operators manual and do a brake skid test)

4 )Change Oil (includes filter & up to 5 quarts of oil)

5) Grease & Lube (mast, steer-axle, drive shaft)

6) 105 Point Inspection (entire forklift is checked over just as we would do when doing a refurb)

7) Replace Air Filter

8) Clean Battery terminals & install corrosian resistant washers

9) Blow out engine & radiator with compressed air.

10)Power wash exterior of forklift

Please give us a call 314-209-9999 or complete the form below to request service. 

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