Tips For Operating Stand-Up Forklifts

Two main ways of operating a forklift exist. Operating while sitting down, and operating while standing up. Now obviously you should always sit down while operating a sit-down forklift, but some types of forklifts (called Stand-Up Forklifts) are actually made to be operated while you are standing up! How do you do that? VERY CAREFULLY! The controls on stand-up forklifts are very sensitive to even the slightest touch, so you must always be careful when operating them. Here are some other tips for operating a stand-up forklift!

toyota-6bpu15-3000-lb-cushion-stand-up-used-forklift-fork-lift-24v-electric-bridgeton-mo-st-louis-1_1Never step on the floor pedal until you are ready to operate your forklift. The pedal just gives power to whatever the forklift controls are doing, so unless you are are actually doing something you need to be doing, don’t press on the pedal.

Never drive with the forks out while empty. That is just you asking for trouble! Countless accidents are caused everyday because someone got hit by lowered forks. If you are driving, keep your forks up!

If you are backing up, beep your forklift horn. You should already be watching behind you as you back up, so just go ahead and beep your horn too. It will help notify people that you are backing up, and keeps people from walking behind your forklift.

If you ever have to stop your stand-up forklift for any reason, move the control handle to the middle position and release the handle.

Never drive a forklift with the load raised high up into the air, doing so can make the forklift unbalanced and cause it to tip over.

If you are new to stand-up forklifts, practice operating one in a large, open space, free of any potential road hazards. Once you really understand how to operate it, go ahead and start moving loads in the warehouse.

Stand-up forklifts are much different from sit-down forklifts, but a few important rules about the two are the same. Always get licensed before you operate them, and always follow OSHA guidelines. Follow what you learn while getting licensed, follow OSHA guidelines, and follow these helpful tips. Hopefully then, you will be ready for anything!

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2 thoughts on “Tips For Operating Stand-Up Forklifts”

  1. Is there a facility near the Pomona CA area where I can PRACTICE operating a stand up fork lift?

    I cannot seem to find a place to practice so I can apply for stand up fork lift operator jobs.

    1. Honestly, in the forklift industry, the only real way to get experience is to find a company willing to train you. There are safety classes, but they don’t prepare you to operate the units. There are a few collages that offer training and a couple forklift companies are willing to train. Unfortunately, we’re not too familiar with that area to make recommendations. I’d call around to a few of the community colleges to see if they offer courses.

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