Understanding Dock Plates

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1. Description

Dockplates – Dockplates are NOT intended for forklift use due to their low capacity and lack of side curbs.  They typically have no side curbs and are for use primarily with two and four wheel hand trucks and pallet jacks.



Dockboards – Dockboards will generally always have side curbs ARE intended for use by forklifts.




2. Determining Width of dock boards

• Width of dockboard should be at least 15″ wider than load or equipment passing between curbs.
• If load does not pass between curbs but is elevated above, add 15″ to overall width of equipment. (Usable width is approximately 6″ less than overall width

3. Aluminum vs. Steel dock plates

Steel – Steel is very durable for high traffic usage and is also the most economical choice.  However, steel is much heavier than the other options.
• Aluminum – Provides the greatest portability and convenience, however, the price can be high.
Aluminum with Steel Side Curbs – This is a great compromise between price, weight, and durability and is often the choice of our customers.

4. Calculating Needed Capacity for dock plates or dock boards

Capacity = Load + Weight of Fork Truck (Pallet Truck)

5. Calculating Height Differential


6. Determining Length



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