Using your Forklift in the Winter


Some forklift owners may want to continue using their machines in the winter months, but the normal outdoor jobs that their forklift’s are often used for are not options with snow and ice on the ground, or with freezing temperatures.  Here’s a few tips for using your forklift in the winter, and a few jobs that forklifts are great for in the winter months.  After all, you’ve got the thing, might as well use it!

Snow Ploughing is a great job for your forklift in the winter.  You can purchase or rent snow plough attachments for your forklift or forklifts.  This is not only a great way to clear the yard of snow and ice so that you can continue working, but also expands your business opportunities!  You can use the snow plough attachment to quickly clear driveways and small parking lots.  You may be wondering why you wouldn’t just use an attachment for your work truck.  Well, sometimes you’ll need the power of your forklift, and occasionally your forklift can get you places a truck just won’t fit!

Akin to the plough, you can purchase or rent a salt spreader attachment for your forklift!  This way, you can be sure that your yard remains clear of the ice to come.  Of course, with salt on the ground, you will definitely need to ensure proper cleaning of your forklift (though you should be doing that anyway, especially in the winter months).

Make sure you have the right tires for the job.  You can purchase forklift tire studs to help your forklift grip if there is ice or snow on the ground, and they will really allow you to dig in when clearing that snow away with your plough.

So you don’t have to put work on hold in the winter months (unless of course you want to, we see how it could be tempting!).  The above tips will keep your forklift in use, your business running, and most importantly, will keep the profits flowing instead of stalling out for months at a time.

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