Warehouse First-Aid

It seems like accidents only happen when you least expect them, so the only way to deal with unexpected accidents is by being prepared for them. How do you prepare for accidents? Well, that answer depends a lot on the type of accident you are talking about. In this article, we will be talking about accidents that cause injury to people, and how you can deal with those accidents by using some first-aid.

downloadWhat is first-aid? First-aid is, as the name implies, the first attempt at helping, or “aiding” if you will, an injured person. Before the ambulance comes to save the injured man, the woman putting pressure to his wounds is performing first-aid. Now, there are lots of injuries and problems that can require first-aid, so let’s just focus on the ones that are more likely to happen in a warehouse.


With stock being moved all around, it is possible for something to fall and hit someone in the head. If you suspect someone has a concussion, ask them some basic questions about themselves and take note of how they respond. If they answer incorrectly about themselves, or act like they are confused, they might have a concussion, and you need to seek medical attention for them.

Broken Bones

With heavy forklifts moving around, everyone should always be paying attention to their surroundings, but not everyone does that all the time. Because of lack of attention, sometimes forklifts run into people, if they are lucky, the injured person will only break a few bones. If they aren’t lucky, they will die. If someone breaks a bone, use cloth and something rigid to stabilize the bone. As in, put the rigid item next to the bone and wrap the cloth around the two items. Seek medical attention immediately afterward. Before we move on, let me clarify something, these instructions are for if the bone is broken but NOT EXPOSED. If the bone has broken through the skin, DO NOT TOUCH THE AREA, go seek medical attention immediately.

Heat Stroke

With so much hustle and bustle inside a warehouse, things tend to heat up quickly! You can tell if someone is suffering from heat stroke by being overly exhausted by a little work, not sweating when it is really hot, and eventually, passing out from exhaustion. Always seek emergency medical attention if the person passes out. Don’t do anything else, just get them to a hospital. If they have not passed out though, bring them to a cool(not cold), shaded area to sit down, put a cool rag atop their head, and give them cool water to sip. They should return to normal within an hour. If they don’t, seek medical attention.

Those are the three most common reasons for needing first-aid, besides of course, small cuts and scrapes. For those, rinse the cut, apply some antibacterial ointment, and put a bandage over it. Now, remember this information so you are better prepared for the next time you are in a situation where someone needs first-aid.

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