What’s the Deal With OSHA Decals

Stickers. Stickers, stickers, stickers. As a child, you probably loved them, but do you still? You should. If your place of work has forklifts, a sticker may just save your life.Warning_signWow, that was a dramatic opening! It wasn’t wrong though, every day countless people are hurt or killed because of improper use of a forklift. While there is no way to completely eliminate the possibility of an accident, there are ways to help prevent accidents from happening. For example, insuring your operators are properly certified per OSHA standards should always be your first step in preventing accidents. On top of that, you can hold regular training seminars to keep the safety points and issues fresh in everyone’s minds.

Sometimes though, even using those two fine methods may not always be enough to insure you have safety minded operators. Sometimes people need constant reminders of what is safe and what isn’t. This is where safety stickers come in to the picture. What are safety stickers? Well, I’m glad you asked! The answer to that question is both simple and complicated. The simple answer is, a safety sticker is a sticker that educates someone about safety.

The complicated answer though explains how the stickers can be used. So here is how the stickers can be used, and I quote OSHA, “In addition to the nameplate, forklifts may have other warning labels or decals that provide safety information to operators. Safety labels should be clearly visible to the operator and must be replaced if missing, damaged, or illegible.”

So, to put that in layman’s terms, you do not have to put any warning labels or decals of any kind on your forklifts, though if you choose to, you must make sure that the operator of the forklift can always see them and they aren’t damaged in any way, shape or form. Now, just because you don’t HAVE to use warning labels, does not mean you SHOULDN’T! I highly suggest you do use at least some labels, because they serve a useful job to help insure that your operators and your warehouse employees are safer. It’s hard to forget your forklifts load capacity when it’s on a sticker right in front of you.

In one classification system, OSHA recognizes three different types of warning labels: DANGER, WARNING, and CAUTION. All three of these label types are useful to have on your forklifts, because they each cover different potential safety hazards. DANGER covers the hazards that will cause severe major injury or death if not avoided, WARNING covers the hazards that could potentially cause injury or death if not avoided, and CAUTION covers the hazards that could cause light injury if not avoided.

By using safety stickers, you are doing nothing but furthering the help you are giving your company in its attempt to be accident free. That is why I suggest you use all the safety stickers that apply to your forklifts, and always, always, try to do whatever you can to help create an even safer workplace environment.

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